Our Money And Life: Life is About Mastering The Two

We often get caught up in our lives to worry about finances. Most of the times our finances are in many cases why our lives are so hectic. This situation is all too common. Getting a job and spending all the money each month is the slowest, hardest, and least efficient way to build up your money.

I would like to spend meaningful time with my kids, and I would like some down time to do whatever I opt to do. Given these financial goals I often wonder what myself and other are doing to work towards those goals. Sometimes we find ourselves doing things that we don't want to do.

Mastering The Two 

Instead of focusing our energies at work on things that are emotionally meaningful (such as stewarding money towards charitable causes) We tend to spend our days pushing paperwork  Sometimes we spend very little time thinking about how to remedy this situation.

At times we can find that we spend a lot of hours in the office and even at home we end up doing tasks that are away from our spouse and children such as running errands. As much as one may like to do these things with the family there never seems to be enough time to do the things that one enjoys.

 You may be wondering what that has to do with finances." The answer is that it has everything to do with finances. Each decision is predicated on either earning more money or spending less money.  Money, if used properly, can make your life better.

One message remains the same: Secure your money and you will secure your life. Of course this advice means different things to different people.
The "do-it-yourself" may read this to mean that they should be frugal and save every penny, to have a brighter tomorrow. The "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants" kind of person might read it to mean that they should spend everything to have a brighter today.

They are both right. Each individual can and should examine what is important to them. They should write it down, a plan in light of what is important to them. They should take steps over time to fully implement that plan and should review the plan periodically to ensure that they are still pursuing goals that are important to them.you can

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